I would like to start a new rule: talking english is against rules,only Serbian and Croatian (talk english only if it is necessary),of course if CROATIAISTHEBEST agrees. Why this rule? Well,because,out of nowhere we get a wikia contributor that doesn't do any good edits has come on our wiki,i don't think he even know any of those 2 languages,and he is spamming on message walls of other users. I believe he is from english wiki. And then,Alexgaming also came our of nowhere,and he made TOTALLY unnecessary blog in english,and after that,Spainsoccer also arrived,and he is,you guess,talking english. FS is only who didn't do that,he only replied when someone asked him something,or he had to say something (example of wikia contributor's spamming). If someone do that,he will probably get blocked.

Pa,ako se svi slazu,onda mozemo da uvedemo novo pravilo.